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Valley Cottage writer releases essay collection


Tina Traster, a resident of Valley Cottage, has been a published writer since 1987. She moved from Manhattan’s Upper West Side to this Rockland County community in 2005. Since then she has been chronicling life outside New York City for The New York Post in a  monthly column called Burb Appeal.

Now on this writer’s plate is a new book — a collection of her essays on her suburban life with her husband, daughter, four cats and six chickens. Traster is indeed busy. She also writes a blog for The Huffington Post, posts frequently on posts on  Nyack News & Views, and her work has appeared literary journals, The New York  Times and House Magazine’s Back Porch.

Recently, we exchanged e-mails and here is a question-and-answer interview.

Question:How did you come to take the suburbs on as your topic?

Answer:We bought an 1850s farmhouse that went through a total top-to-bottom renovation. This was a big move for me as I was a hard-core city girl who had always had a hankering for the country on weekends. But I made this leap, and the house, which is set on a rather rural road, the renovation, and everything about my new life turned out to be an inspiration. Thus, my column was born.

Question:Do you think the suburbs have changed in the ten or five years?

Answer:I don’t think the burbs have change one bit: I have. I will always have an outsider’s point of view, but I don’t kid myself. I’m completely part of this new life and the community I live in, for better or worse.

Question:Why did you decide to publish your collection available for $2.99 through Kindle (from Amazon.com)

Answer:I believe book-reading is changing. Publishing an ebook is exciting because you can download the ebook to any PC, not just a Kindle. Publishing on Kindle gave me the freedom to pull my columns together, add some fresh material, design my cover — and now tell the world the book is available online. It’s all very exciting.

Find out more about Traster on her Web site.

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