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cheap longchamp bags Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense


Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense

For many Italians it’s not Jeremy Corbyn’s supposedly Marxist lite economic policies, his commitment to unilateral nuclear disarmament or even his republicanism that has caught their attention.

South of the Alps, in the Bel paese, the real question mark hovering over the Labour leader is his dress sense or lack thereof.

Like Michael Foot, his predecessor of 35 years ago, the Labour leader’s scant regard for fashion, or even the traditional Westminster dress norms, has raised some eyebrows in Britain.

It displayed 13 photos of what it considered were Mr Corbyn’s biggest style faux pas, including his outing in shorts with trainers and long black socks. Neither was it impressed with his jackets or panama hats.

It said or perhaps hoped that Mr Corbyn’s aides were currently organising a style overhaul.

But while Mr Corbyn may trail in the style stakes, Italian political pundits have noted that the veteran leftist is known for his diligence, honesty and good manners three traits not apparent in a great many Italian parliamentarians, who are the highest paid in Europe.

This week two right wing senators were suspended for five days after making obscene and sexist gestures at a female senator during a debate on constitutional reform. One of the pair, Vincenzo D’Anna, appeared in front of TV cameras on 7 October, in an expensive suit, looking plump and declaring he would go on an unlikely hunger strike, in protest at his suspension.

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